PPE Vending Machines and why they are so popular

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PPE vending machines are specially designed equipment that provide valuable products such as batteries, drill bits, and other Personal Productive Equipment (PPE) in controlled amounts. This stops these products from being lost or wasted, and cuts the cost of many operations across a range of organisations and projects. PPE vending machines also help to maintain a clean and safe workplace, which reduces the risk of danger and injury in the work place. This article outlines the benefits of Personal Productive Equipment vending machines, what they can offer the workplace, and why they are a better alternative to a regular inventory.

Why are they useful?

PPE vending machines allow you to reduce the amount of loose materials, tools and equipment that are lying around the workroom. Clutter such as this can cause loss of equipment, which can cost money, and in worse cases this clutter can cause damage to machinery and injury to your staff. Keeping equipment controlled in a PPE vending machine can reduce a lot of these risks within the workplace and save you from a lot of unnecessary hassle.

PPE can also cut the cost in a number of ways. Machines can track the overuse of some products so that you can ensure much more efficiency in your workplace, as the over use of products can cost you a lot more money than is necessary. As well as tracking the use of the materials to cut cost, PPE vending machines can also help you to reuse materials and equipment by having an electronically tracked check in and check out system that will make sure that all equipment is accounted for at the end of the working day.

You can also create a detailed inventory list that shows the most popular areas of inventory, where they are being used, what may be being overused, and what may be being underused. Machines can also count what is left in stock and what is the most used form of equipment, and create a customised list in order to restock the inventory much faster, and a lot more easily than through manual inventory and stock. This makes it a lot easier to stock exactly the right amount of materials that the workroom needs in order to function at its optimum, without having any surplus materials.

PPE can increase the safety of your workplace and organisation by restricting the amount of loose materials and tools are available in the area, but also by restricting certain materials and tools to only those who have clearance to use them. This increases security and safety in the workplace, but also opens doors for members of staff to train with different pieces of equipment so that you can have a much more productive workplace, as well as a safer work place with a specialised clearance system.
PPE Vending machines can also be much more effective than a manual inventory systems for similar reasons; our list below focuses on some of the key areas of how and why a PPE vending machine is much more efficient in comparison to having manual inventory methods.

1. Cut down on loose equipment

PPE vending machines provide only one piece of equipment at a time, which controls the amount of equipment that is in the workroom. This limits the amount of equipment that is available to workers at one time and cuts down on any clutter and mess in the workroom. Without a PPE vending machine you are left to rely on each member of staff having their own tools and going back and forth from the inventory area, which leaves a lot of room for things like loss of equipment and injury. Providing each member of staff with the proper tools can also be very expensive.

2. Keep better track of your inventory

These vending machines are easily accessible to employees and keep an accurate track of equipment and inventory throughout the day, which can keep efficiency as high as safety in the workplace. PPE vending machines release a controlled amount of equipment at one time, as well as only storing a set number of the tools and equipment at one time. Trying to rely on staff members to sign and register each piece of equipment that they take out can leave you with inaccurate inventory, and restocking certain areas can be expensive if a certain area of materials and tools is being overused.

3. Cut costs

With the cutting down of loose tools and other materials and the better tracking of the most used equipment. You can very easily track your inventory much more closely so that you can see the areas where you can afford to cut costs, and the areas where you may need to spend a little more in order to keep productivity high, and costs low. In a manual inventory environment it can be very difficult to pinpoint the areas of materials that are being needlessly overused, and also where materials are being overstocked, and this can run up cost in the long run.

4. Training opportunities

A lot of equipment should only be used by those who are specially trained to work with the equipment and have proper clearance to do so. Many PPE vending machines allow you to select different types of clearance levels and ensure that those who have the specific level of clearance can only check them out. If you were to have an open inventory area then anyone can take or check out the specialised equipment, and this can be dangerous for both the staff member using the equipment and the staff members around them. This can also cause a much higher risk of equipment being broken.

5. Reuse of tools and equipment

Many PPE vending machines allow staff to check out the equipment that they need and then check it back in later on. This means that one piece of equipment can be used by a number of different staff members at different times, rather than each staff member having their own tool or piece of equipment. Without PPE vending machines, these tools and materials are supplied to members of staff on a personal level, and this will usually result in an excess of materials and an excess of cost that could be avoided by a communal set of tools and materials.